Dr. Enoma Alade

f19ae2_57624ec55d2e457a87d415c7c676ae6aDr. Enoma Alade is a Partner at Anadach Group, Enoma is a Dentist with 20 years’ experience of providing healthcare with expertise in operational management and strategic leadership. She has worked in both the private and public healthcare sectors and successfully started a general dentistry office with healthy profit margins and steady growth in the US.

Previously, she was part of the Executive Management Group of a large US Federally funded facility. In this role, she spearheaded the strategy, management and execution of departmental operations; and was responsible for seeing all the services delivered. In this role, she implemented several cost containment and increased productivity strategies that increased annual departmental revenue.

Enoma was an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. She has also served as lead healthcare Consultant to various public and private facilities focusing on market demand analysis and utilization management in both the US and Nigeria. She earned her BDS degree at University of Ibadan, DDS degree at New York University and completed her residency at St Joseph Hospital/Seton Hall University. She holds an MPH in Healthcare Management from UCLA.




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